Mindfulness, Meditation and Loving Kindness

Initially, meditation can be a difficult activity to commit to. However, the rewards of a daily, mindful meditation practice can bring benefits that are life-altering.

Studies suggest that mindfulness meditation can bring benefits to individuals who experience stress and anxiety. A meditation practice can, over time, calm the mind and allow us to take charge of our emotional experiences.  

There can be an increase in well-being and happiness as the emotions become more settled and balanced. Being balanced and having a sense of peace, helps us to develop the capacity to mindfully view ourselves with empathy, compassion, and love.

As our self-awareness and self-acceptance matures and gains wisdom, we can gradually expand our internal boundaries into a loving capacity that extends into our external relationships.

Mediation can be practiced anywhere and at anytime. We can mindfully sit, walk and go about our usual activities; we can observe the breath, monitor the body, or recite a mantra or prayer. We learn to become more attentive to our life and to the benefits of a mind that is more at ease with itself and with whatever arises throughout our day.

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